International eCommerce Shipping Solutions: Here’s What You Need to Know

If you want to expand your ecommerce business beyond your borders through international shipping, a fulfillment center is a great place to start.

You need a strategy that works for you and your firm to conduct international shipping correctly. You don’t need to know everything about shipping, but you do need to understand your options and how to choose a strategy that will meet your shipping demands in the long run. That’s where a fulfillment center can help.

Continue reading to learn more about the ins and outs of international shipping.

Why Offer International Shipping?

Expanding your business globally can be a key growth area even if you only export select products. This makes taking on the logistics worthwhile. International shipping is becoming a given for online customers worldwide, and eCommerce companies are progressively offering it. Stores like yours can sell to a broader customer base by shipping worldwide.

Modernize International Shipping Processes

Expanding your company internationally requires learning new procedures. There are also several new fees to be aware of. Additionally, greater data entry equals a higher chance of human error, which can cause various issues further along the shipping chain.

Software for shipping management is beneficial for international ecommerce fulfillment services. Such software can help you avoid input errors by automating the shipping process. Orders will automatically be input from multiple marketplaces. You can also control the entire order fulfillment process from beginning to end in one spot by linking your international shipping couriers with all of your selling channels.

Commercial Invoicing

A commercial invoice serves as both a customs declaration and a document that includes all pertinent details about the products you’re transporting. Although it’s typically not necessary when sending to EU nations, there are certain exceptions, including certain territories like San Marino and Gibraltar. As such, be sure to double-check the commercial invoice policies in advance. In contrast, you must complete a business invoice for all non-EU nations.

If correct details can be provided via the invoice, it helps to avoid delays that inaccurate information can cause. This attention to detail will help ensure the appropriate taxes and tariffs are paid.

Here is the information needed for a commercial invoice:

  • Your postal code
  • The address of the recipient
  • Taxonomy code
  • Details of the products
  • Purpose of export
  • Cost of the commodities (in the relevant currency)
  • Delivery schedule
  • EORI and VAT numbers (can be found at your local HMRC office and are used to identify you to customs as an international trader)
  • Your name

These commercial invoice specifications must be met to operate an internet store in another country successfully and avoid expensive transit delays.

Understand Shipping Costs

As you probably anticipate, international shipping rates are a different ball game for your eCommerce business. There is only a single shipping fee when a U.S.-based retailer sends a t-shirt domestically. However, sending the same T-shirt across a border entails another set of charges and taxes.

Before delivering an order, it’s crucial for merchants to comprehend the landed cost, which is the overall cost of sending an order worldwide. Consider what a customer might do if a $20 fee was unexpectedly applied to an item upon delivery. You might lose the sale and the freight expense if they were to reject the shipment. 

Fortunately, it’s possible to determine the landing cost and incorporate shipping tools into a merchant’s eCommerce platform, thanks to application programming interfaces.

How Long Does International Shipping Take?

Express international shipping typically takes two to three business days to deliver. However, standard shipping can take up to four weeks. Order delivery can take up to six weeks because of slow customs clearance. 

Shipping times can be impacted by distance and shipment options (including if you choose express). However, other elements, such as taxes, tariffs, and customs, could prolong shipment times.

The laws of each individual nation govern customs, taxes, and duties. To prevent delays at customs, it’s critical to organize the documents correctly. The local postal service frequently handles this essential documentation. 

The commercial invoice and an export packing list are almost always required; however, these can differ by nation. As you streamline your eCommerce fulfillment services, keep these points in mind.

Always Be Transparent

Whether shipping domestically or internationally, always ensure your clients are informed. Specific information is particularly essential when it comes to international shipping. Most eCommerce businesses, mainly drop shipping businesses, already face the problem of slower delivery times compared to larger corporations like Amazon. 

Unfortunately, this cannot be avoided, but your customers’ uncertainty can. Presenting shipping-related information is essential, whether on a shipping information page or on each product page. Add details such as which nations you ship to, how long it will take, whether clients can track their shipments, and more.

Fulfillment Services

If you want to eliminate the hassle of foreign shipping altogether, use a fulfillment provider. The fulfillment center will typically handle packaging, labeling, shipping, and keeping track of all those annoying rules and regulations for a flat price per purchase from the retailer.

Many ecommerce fulfillment services also have international warehouses, so when a retailer’s sales warrant it, the store might stock the product locally. Storing products internationally allows your customers to benefit from local shipping costs.

Scale Your Business With MintFulfill

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