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Currently, the link you’ll most likely need is called “Full Coining Press Catalogue”. It includes all of the 3D printed feed fingers. The other one you may currently need is called “Full Punch Press Catalogue”. That one will have the other 3D printed parts such as the Mettler Toledo Rejector arm extension piece, or the one on the blanking line conveyor belt that pushes the coins to one side.

We aim to supply all of the vital parts for your mint that are hard to find! We specialize in providing parts for things used by mints all over the world! Casters, Extruders, Rolling Mills, Punch Presses, Automatic Weighing Stations, Annealing Tunnels, Rotary Finishers, Coining Presses and more! 

Click on a machine below to see if we’ve already made a part for your make and model of machine before! If not, fill out this form so we can see if we can make a custom part for your specific machine!

Bliss Coining Press Model 6K-225

N. Ferrara Hydraulic Press Model MP300

Niagara Punch Press Model A 2 1/2

Rousselle Punch Press Model 1A

Full Punch Press Catalogue

Columbia Coining Press Model 360

Full Coining Press Catalogue

Rousselle Punch Press Model 2

Johnson Punch Press Model 35

How does the process work?

Contact Dave

Ask him about your part to see if we can make it! Although, you just might get to help make the part yourself!

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About Mint Machine Shop

Mint Machine Shop was started in late 2023 when the need for one of our partner companies to get parts became a serious problem.

Our main partner (Regency Mint) needed a bunch of custom parts, and they needed them quickly.

Our machine shop quickly expanded, and we currently have several high-tech machines, such as an EDM, Mill, Lathe, Surface Grinder and a Prusa MK 4 3D printer! 

Quick turnaround for quality parts is our specialty! Being partnered with Regency Mint gives us the expertise and knowledge to provide quality parts for your mint! They have both old and new machinery, and every day we’re making new parts specifically for their machines!

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